Your Physical Health

With over ten years of valuable experience, regular professional development and working with a diverse set of people - we can provide an holistic approach to improving the health, fitness and wellbeing of your body.

Personal Training and Conditioning

We design considered programmes and support to help you overcome the barriers to moving forward in a physical sense and the less obvious saboteurs that hold you back mentally. 


Using the Physiotools app we can provide you with full structured and bespoke workouts - these have accompanying videos, instructions and guidance. Empowering you to work in your own time, building self confidence and knowledge.


We have expertise and experience in strength and conditioning, running, Pilates, kettlebells, Olympic lifting and calisthenics, we can offer tailored support and advice that fit with your lifestyle, interests and objectives. There is no such thing as one size fits all.

We have trained triathletes, polar explorers, people seeking their first 5km, others a first trip to Everest Base Camp.  We believe in a lifestyle approach. Nature, challenge, nutrition, personal development, flexibility, endurance and working with people to fulfil goals of a lifetime.

Massage Therapies

We specialise in all aspects of Soft Tissue Therapy, from deep tissue massage and muscle energy techniques, to myofascial release and pregnancy massage. We will draw on elements of this expertise to create a personalised treatment plan that ensures sustained improvement by restoring balance throughout your body. Whether this means working to ease discomfort or relieve stress, enhancing mobility & flexibility, or improving performance & preventing injury; soft tissue techniques will always support the body's natural processes.


Whether you have experienced injury or illness, or you simply want to move more comfortably or perform better; we will work with you, to get you back to doing those things that matter most. Form and function are absolutely key - whether your aims are performance or lifestyle based, our approach will always be individually tailored.  

The human body is incredible... and precious. We will set you on a path that allows you to truly care for your body so it can work better for you.