Wellbeing vs Fitness...

When we think of fitness what we are really thinking about, here at welltroddenpath HQ, is wellbeing. Fitness to me sounds like something discrete that you fit in when you can vs wellbeing which reflects a lifestyle approach. That is to say when fitness weaves itself into your hobbies, your work, your approach to looking after yourself - it isn't a grind or a bind. And it's attributes go beyond good aerobics or strength to enabling you to have adventures, feel confident, improve your energy levels and literally extend the capabilities of your life.

We see wellbeing under a number of pillars; plant based eating, mindfulness, coaching, massage therapy, adventure, strength and conditioning and last but not least, nature.

No 1. We can't overemphasise how diet should be the foundation of your health, it's so much more than just underperforming if you get it wrong. You are literally causing damage to yourself (the mechanism of which we'll talk about in later posts). Plant based is best for the planet and best for you (less inflammation, more antioxidants, less saturated fats - the list goes on). No 2. Exercise helps you connect with yourself and your surroundings. A mindful approach to running, walking or even food purchases are easy wins. No 3. Do you ever ask yourself why you don't succeed? We want to help people move from fitness to wellbeing and in turn discover a mechanism for change. To listen to people and their feelings and values, shade of thinking and incorrect beliefs; to help people develop what is commonly known as grit. Why should it be easy?

No 4. Looking after yourself; stretching before and after, foam rolling, soft tissue therapy really listening to what your body is telling you and not ignoring the warning signs. More exercise, less exercise, higher intensity, less intensity, something new. The body is a great system, it is constantly trying to find balance. Pain and discomfort are often the first signs that things are not right. Listen to your body's advice.

No 5. By no means least, having a solid aim or goal will give focus to your strength and conditioning (in other words, training for something specific with periodicity). Even better if this involves an adventure in the outdoors and a chance to immerse yourself in nature. Wellbeing - rather than fitness - is an opportunity to totally change your life, by making your goals more real. Now to me that just sounds so much more appealing!

If you have got this far - thank you! More to follow from the world of wellbeing and welltroddenpath.

Next time - Why nature is an important component of health.