Who we are...

Matt Briars & Kate Bagshaw

Well Trodden Path was borne from a lifelong love of the outdoors. We have always looked to the natural environment as a place for adventure and discovery. Whether as a space for enjoying nature in itself or as a playground for exploring and challenging our physicality; being outside, immersed in the elements has always played an important role in our lives.

Our work has evolved to centre around how we can help others achieve their own aspirations. Through personal training and physical therapy we have sought to encourage and support individuals, to reach a place where they can move well, feel well and lead a fuller life. Our approach is geared towards sustained improvement and lasting change.


We are now expanding this scope, by drawing on other aspects of lifestyle that feed into the physical and bring a more complete sense of wellness for our clients. Namely feeling connected, being mindfully aware and taking notice, learning professionally and personally as well as developing a sense of community.